Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kaplan Sketches The Dimensions of Our Current Long National Nighmare

Bush is certifiably delusional, but impeachment is off the table, because Democrats can't muster the kind of political will and outrage at a tragically misconceived war that Republicans could summon for a blowjob.

Marty Kaplan has a must-read Post in the Huffington. Kaplan is clean, articulate and bright. Nice-looking too.

Mickeleh's Take: Bush, Cheney, the corporate oligarchs they service, the fear-crazed yahoos they exploit, and the craven, unscrupulous communications engine that earns its bread by throwing sand in our eyes have conspired to kidnap the country I love. They've spirited it off to a very dark and dangerous place. So much has gone wrong that it is hard to keep all of it in mind. The people have taken back the Congress. But, as Kaplan articulates so cleanly, the forces of darkness still hold the country.

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