Thursday, September 07, 2006

Had Enough? Vote Democratic

I just put my "Had Enough? Vote Democratic" bumpersticker over my "No More BU**SH**" sticker, when I noticed this "Had Enough?" ditty on Horse's Ass. Kind o' catchy, I think.

Spread the meme.

The oh-so-catchy track was produced by recording company mogul turned political activist Howie Klein. Vocal is by Ricky Lee Jones with Tom Maxwell and Ken Mosher (Squirrel Nut Zippers). Tune is by Tom Maxwell. The story behind the music is up on MySpace.

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woid said...

Mickeleh bubbeleh...

When you say you put the "had enough" sticker over the "no more bu**sh**" sticker... Do you mean above, or pasted on to?

The "Have You Had Enough" song -- featuring Rickie Lee Jones and several members of Squirrel Nut Zippers (one of whom wrote it), and produced by Howie Klein -- can be downloaded from this Crooks & Liars page:

Mickeleh said...

Well, sorry to say, I covered the BU**SH** sticker with the Had Enough sticker. Running out of space, I was.

Thanks for the info about the tune.

Turns out that while you were posting your comment, I was going through my mail, and found that Howie had sent me a CD of the tune. The band's official name, according to the label, is rotflmao featuring Rickie Lee Jones and Maxwell Mosher