Saturday, March 03, 2007

NYT: McCain, Giuliani, Romney condemn Coulter's Remarks

Adam Nagourney reports that three of the Republican candidates for the presidential nomination have put some distance between themselves and the remarks made by Coulter at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The Edwards campaign is asking supporters to sending him "Coulter Cash." Their goal: raising $100,000.

McCain (through a spokesperson): "... wildly inappropriate..."
Giuiliani: "... "completely inappropriate... "
Romney (through a spokesperson): "... an offensive remark..."

Even more encouraging, many conservative voices at are chiming in to condemn the remarks. Most of them are pragmatic condemnations ("this isn't helping the cause") rather than moral outrage. But it's a start.

Mickeleh's Take: Coulter has been skating on thin ice for years. It's time she fell through.

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woid said...

In the Times' first stories about the CPAC rally, Ad Nags mentioned Coulter speaking, but nothing about what she said.

This article, reporting the candidates' (delayed, prodded by the blogosphere) reactions, may be the first time the "faggot" remark was mentioned in the Times.

Good for them, though, for actually printing the word, instead of tiptoeing around it in the classic prissy Timesian manner. (During the Chicago 7 trial in 1969, the Times reported that a lawyer used a "barnyard epithet.")