Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All of MSNBC is off my DVR for two months

Yesterday Hardball books Coulter. (see my post yesterday). That earns me a one-month respite from the newscaster known to the blogosphere as Tweety.

Today, the entire network turns into all-Coulter, all-the-time as everyone needs to follow up on the Elizabeth Edwards phone call to Ann. That earns me a two-month respite from all MSNBC programming.

And, of course, the manufactured event takes the lead position on their website.

So, no links for them.

Mickeleh's Take
: If Olbermann does something wonderful, I'm sure I'll read about it somewhere.


woid said...

You'll bring them to their knees.

Michael Markman said...

Yes, and when I do, I'll give you a show. What timeslot do you want?

woid said...

Next to Olbermann, please. Lead-in or lead-out, up to you.

I'm already not watching MSNBC (I use opt-out as my default, rather than opt-in), though my Tivo watches Keith. On a hot news day, I'll look at his first segments, the non-celebrity-pussy ones.

Meanwhile, while your boycott gathers steam, may I suggest emailing the show? I did. Thusly.

Subject: How low can you sink?
Date: June 27, 2007 2:56:43 PM PDT

Watching Chris Matthews crawl up Republican politicians’ pants legs (Bush, McCain, Guiliani, Romney, Fred Thompson) to sniff their manly weapons is always a cringeable sight — which I avoid as much as possible.

But crawling up Coulter’s stick-like legs to lap at HER balls is even worse. Much, much worse. Where Matthews’ other heroes are merely political bullshitters, Coulter is venomous. She blatantly lies, she’s racist, sexist, and anti-gay, and she advocates murder — not once, but over and over again.

And there’s Chris Matthews, letting her do that for an entire hour, never correcting her, never making her shut up. The nadir (I take that back, it was all nadir) was the call from Elizabeth Edwards, who wasn’t allowed to speak because of Coulter’s shouted, insulting, monologue over her.

Isn’t Matthews supposed to be the “moderator”? Why didn’t he make Coulter have the decency to let Edwards speak? Does the loudest, rudest shouter always have to win?

Yes, I know, the loudest, rudest shouter is supposed to be Chris Matthews. But yesterday Coulter outdid him, and had an uninterrupted hour to spew her shit all over the country.

What a disgraceful hour of hateful, murderous, fascist propaganda you just aired. I hope there will be a serious boycott of your show and your advertisers. You’ve earned it. I’ll join it. You’re disgusting.

Michael Markman said...

I already had written to MSNBC, though not nearly as eloquently as you. But it turns out we both may be wrong about this.

According to the right-wing bloggers, poor Ann Coulter, a brave and fearless fighter for truth, was set up by notoriously left-biased MSNBC and Chris Matthews, so that unscrupulous Elizabeth Edwards could unleash a torrent of sympathy donations to help her husband meet his quarterly fund-raising goal.

They're livid that AC is turning out to be John Edwards' strongest fund raiser. (They understand this because of their long experience using direct mail, phone, and email to shakedown their base with the spectre of Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton.)

woid said...

Thanks for the compliment.

My fondest wish is to achieve a fraction of the eloquence of that guy Digby.