Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jokes You Can Xerox

That plagiarism thing came up again. Obama said Deval Patrick is one of his national co-chairs, and gave him the line. Clinton said, Obama should use his own words. Otherwise it isn't "Change you can believe in. It's Change you can Xerox."

So where did Hillary get that line? Anybody out there think she wrote that joke? Anybody?


Xerox Ink Technologies said...

You made my day. That is absolutely hilarious.

Do you know where she got that line from yet?

Doesn't sound like her own. Xerox that.

I wonder how she came up with it.

Thanks for this!

Michael Markman said...

Shocked that your branding police haven't warned you against using your trademark as a verb.

How did she come up with the line? Don't know the specifics, but it's common practice for debate prep teams to prepare a few canned zingers to unleash.

Most of the time they don't work, because they are so obviously pre-programmed and not spontaenous wit. It takes the audience out of the moment and focuses our attention on the artifice.