Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kos Diary: Five Decades of Republican Torture

The Torture is OK law, otherwise known as "The Military Commissions Act" never came up in yesterday's debate for the Washington Senate race. Maybe one reason that public reaction to it is so low key is that there's nothing new here except for the attempt to make it legal.

A Kos Diarist named kidneystones chronicles five decades of U.S.-sponsored torture under Republican administrations, beginning with Eisenhower ordering the CIA to train the Iranian secret police (SAVAK) in torture. We're still choking on the bitter fruit from those seeds.

Mickeleh's Take: The sign on the front of the table where Bush sat to sign the bill proclaimed the Rovian meme for torture and the death of habeas corpus: "Protecting America" The guy's job is to "Defend the Constitution." What's the correct meme?

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