Sunday, December 31, 2006

WaPo: A Long List of No-Shows for Ford Rites

On Wednesday, I wondered, (along with Dave Winer) whether not attending the Ford lying-in-state would make John Edwards look bad. Nah. According to the Washington Post skipping the Ford service was a very popular choice among the Washington elite. The current President skipped it. Only three of the Supremes showed, and about ten senators and thirty-five Congress members. Rumsfeld and Baker didn't make it either. The Post said Tom Foley was there. But it also identified him as "former speaker."

As for the public:
Capitol police erected barriers to contain thousands, but by mid-afternoon yesterday, only 20 people were in line -- providing a luxurious person-to-portable-toilet ratio of 1:1.
Mickeleh's Take: This was just the prelims. The big service will be on Tuesday. With no football games competing.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just how the newspaper lays out their editorial, but I found it odd, and a little sad, that Ford's funeral coverage was on page nine of our Sunday's paper, and on page four was the coverage of James Brown.

Maybe if Michael Jackson had gone to Ford's funeral...