Monday, January 01, 2007

BBC: Bush to send more troops; talk sacrifice

A "senior official" is doing the prep-work for the long-postponed Bush plan for the next phase of our Iraq fiasco. Justin Webb of the BBC confirms that Bush plans to escalate in Iraq. Central theme of the speech is one that Bush has strenuously avoided since the beginning of the War: sacrifice. Now that U.S. service deaths have hit the 3000 mark, the White House if finally willing to acknowledge that some sacrifice is going on. And while the public has clearly concluded that it's time to curtail the sacrifice, the White House is ready to ask for more.

Webb reports "The exact mission of the extra troops in Iraq is still under discussion, according to officials."

Mickeleh's Take: The strategy may be under discussion, but the mission is clear: they're being sacrificed in order to allow Bush to continue evading the reality of the awful fiasco he has created in the name of the United States of America. For Bush, leaving equals losing, and that he will not do. And please, it's not a "surge" or a "boost." It's an escalation. It's the McCain-Lieberman strategy.
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