Thursday, October 16, 2008

Debate Insta-shirt

Looks like John McCain has a new running mate. And the merchandize is ready-to-wear already. Woid is the designer. You have a choice of several shirt styles and a mug. Celebrate the world's second most famous plumber (Nixon's gang of burglars notwithstanding).

(Note: at the presidential debate last night, John McCain made innumberable references to a citizen that had a conversation with Barack Obama about taxes. McCain called him "Joe, the plumber." Today we've learned a lot about Joe: He's not a licensed plumber. While he's concerned about Obama's tax plans, he owes back taxes. He thinks Social Security is a joke.

Josephine The Plumber,
Even More Famous than Joe


kouji haiku said...

why plumbers? strange...

Michael Markman said...

@kouji haiku In the debate last night, McCain made uncountable references to a voter he referred to as "Joe the Plumber." Google "Joe the Plumber" and you'll find out more than you need to know about it.