Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Help to Filibuster-proof the Senate

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A sixty-seat, fillibuster-proof majority within reach of the Democrats. Can you give $6 for 60 votes?

As of October 15th, Democratic challengers lead in enough states to yield a 59-seat Democratic caucus. But that includes Joe Lieberman (I-CT).

Can we get to 60? Can we do it without Lieberman?

There are six states where polls put the candidates within 5 points of each other. Democrats are barely ahead in three (AK, MN, NC). Republicans are barely ahead in three (KY, MS, GA).

If we hold the three Democratic leads, that brings us up to 59. If we can turn one of the Republican leads, we make 60. If we turn two, we can have sixty without Lieberman.

Because of the closeness of these races, these are the states where additional contributions can have the greatest impact in reaching a filibuster-proof majority.

I've set up a page on ActBlue to make it easy to contribute to these six tight Senate races.

If you give each of these candidates $6, that's a total donation of $36. If that's too much, then pick your favorites from the list and give $6 to as many as you can.

Mickeleh's Take: I set up the page with a very modest goal of raising $360. We blew past that in just a few hours, so I've doubled the goal.

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