Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Quick, Everyone Send John McCain a Cake With a File Baked Into It.

I don't know exactly why John McCain addressed us all as, "My fellow prisoners." It may have been a vibe he picked up from Warden Baracuda standing behind him. He may have been watching too many Naomi Wolff videos. He may just be feeling trapped in a role which has forced him put his honor into dry dock for the duration. Maybe he was reading the biography of Father Damien among the lepers on Molokai. But whatever it is, he said it.

When you watch the video, keep your eye on Palin. She's looking at John until he has his brain-fart, then... well, see for yourself.
Mickeleh's Take: Let's all send him a cake with a file baked in. If that won't get by the Secret Service, then let's all send him a harmonica.

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alphadaddy said...

Perhaps it was Freudian. OR..maybe he LITERALLY set an agenda before his fellow prisoners...of war. Some of them are probably still alive, right?

I'm also wondering why the supporter in the audience had to point out that she is lactating.