Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In Bush's America, We Torture the Innocent

And then there's the case of Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen that the U.S. had whisked off to a Syrian prison for "aggressive" and "alternative" interrogation, or as the reality-based community calls it, torture. A Canadian inquiry just pronounced him kosher. Did he have information about a pending terrorist attack? No. Was he a terrorist? No. But he was brown. He was seen talking to another brown man. That's all we need, really. The blogosphere is full of this case today. (The righties, simply blame Canada).

Atrios, puts it succinctly:
So, in Bush's America it's ok to kidnap a Canadian citizen and send him to Syria to be tortured. Turns out he's not guilty of anything.

Of course, we already knew that because he can't be guilty until... he has a trial.

It's possible that it could've turned out he was actually a bad guy. But they didn't know he was a bad guy. So he didn't have a trial. They just had him tortured.

Freedom. Smell it! Smells like freedom fries.
Mickeleh's Take: Two questions: When is Bush holding his next press conference? Will anyone ask him about torturing the innocent?

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