Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bill Moyers: On the Consolidation of Media and How We Can Fight It

Rich Binell emailed a Kos Diary by Delicate Monster that includes excerpts from last week's Bill Moyers address to the National Conference of Media Reform.

I've embedded the Moyers speech in this post. It's well-researched, well-reasoned, well-written, and inspiring.

Please, play it. It's worth an hour of your time.

Moyers talks about how media consolidation has fostered a plantation mentality that has turned mainstream reporting into a docile stenography pool content to parrot the propaganda of the establishment without question.

Moyers tells it straight. No pablum. He scares us. He challenges us to fight back. And he shows us the way.

I think you should hear what he has to say.

Nevertheless, it's a hopeful, inspiring speech, pointing to a future where the internet empowers us all of us become story-tellers.

"We've got to get alternative content out or this country's going to die of too many lies."

Bill Moyers at NCMR 2007 -- Part 1

Bill Moyers at NCMR 2007 -- Part 2

Mickeleh's Take: What is hopeful is that despite the drumbeat of propaganda, the public sees through the White House spin. What is terrifying is that for years following the 9-11 attacks neither the public nor the media bothered to. What happened in November was that some Republicans were defeated and some Democrats were elected. But Bush is still in the White House. The cominant media companies are still fighting to kill the badly named "net neutrality" principle. The main stream media shows signs of stirring, but it is not yet awake. There's work to do.

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