Thursday, January 18, 2007

Leahy Says Gonzales Testimony is "Alice in Wonderland"

Which is a terrible insult to Lewis Carroll.

Challenged in the Senate about the Administration's readiness to ignore the constitutional guarantee of habeas corpus, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales answered this way:
Gonzales: I meant by that comment that the Constitution doesn't say that every individual in the United States or every citizen has or is assured the right of habeas corpus. It doesn't say that. It simply says that the right of habeas corpus shall not be suspended.

Get it. All the constitution says is that the right can't be suspended. It never said who, if anybody, actually has that right.

Mickeleh's Take
: Alberto (it's not torture if the president says it's not) Gonzales is a weaselly wiseguy of the highest order. (I'll refrain from saying, "in other words, he's a lawyer." I'll just say, "in other words, he's working for the Bush White House.")

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