Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blair: 'Feels betrayed by Bush'

Hot on the heels of Joe Scarborough's, "Is Bush an Idiot?" segment, comes word that Prime Minister Tony Blair (known to some as "Bush's Poodle") feels let down by our esteemed President.

An unnamed source is quoted in the Daily Mail: "We all feel badly let down by Bush. We thought we had persuaded him to take the Israel-Palestine situation seriously, but we were wrong. How can anyone have faith in a man of such low intellect."

The news here is not that Bush is a couple of cents shy of a nickel--surely nobody is just now getting around to noticing that--but rather that his press supporters and poodle are now willing to be heard saying so. For the public, the facade cracked in the aftermath of Katrina and all the King's women and all the King's men and all the King's puppeteers have not been able to put W back together again. It's as though an animatronic in Disney's Hall of President's has malfunctioned. (All forseen by the Fireside Theatre in We're all Bozos on this Bus and by Frank Baum in The W of Oz.)

Mickeleh's Take: Hey, Democrats, pile on in, the water's fine. Time to hit hard on how Bush is misleading the country and the world.

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