Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ramping up

Sorry, it's taken so long to get this side of the blog active. When I started blogging, it was mainly political. Then tech and media (my profession) crept in and shoved the news and politics aside. I decided to split the blog, but have not tended this side of it at all.

But let's start with this great quote from Jane Hamsher on Lieberman:
I realize there was a window when it was necessary to give Joe some graceful exit room, but he’s not taking it. He’s barricaded himself in his bubble of wounded delusion, refusing to answer the hotel door when Chris Dodd came a-knockin’ while staring into that magic mirror which whispers to him he’s a Great Man.
It has to be a top Democratic priority to get Lieberman to drop out. He's doing nothing but serving Republican purposes and his own ego by running. I'm encouraged by how quickly key Democrats have closed ranks with Ned Lamont. But it's by no means unanimous. Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colorado) is still backing Joe.

As a three-way, Connecticut race will continue to suck oxygen from all the other critical races that Democrats need to win to regain Congress. Go, Joe, Go. And I wish you'd start now.

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