Monday, August 21, 2006

Reardon: The "Bush is an idiot" ploy is bad for Dems

Here's a head spinner: Kathleen Reardon in Huff Po thinks the "Is Bush an Idiot" seg on Scarborough last week, is a trick. It's a deliberate trial balloon intended to deflect the defectors. If right-wingers calling Bush an idiot can create a ahared POV between Republicans and Democrats, then right-leaning voters will have less reason to switch over and elect Democrats column. She says that anti-Bush rhetoric out of England simply means that Blair got the memo too.

Mickeleh's Take: If Reardon is correct, then Bush isn't the only idiot in town. If the voters targeted by this gambit fall for it, I can only refer them to the wit and wisdom of their president:
"Fool me once, [PAUSE] shame on [PAUSE] shame on you. [LONG PAUSE] Fool me... can't get fooled again."
Don't take me wrong on this, but I'm hoping that Reardon is being an idiot here.

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