Thursday, August 17, 2006

How did Jon Benet Ramsey Kidnap Keith Olbermann?

Dave Winer asks what's the deal with Jon Benet Ramsey that the news of an arrest would take three-quarters of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, crowding out more significant news. (Dave wanted to hear something about, "How many Iraqis died yesterday? How many Americans died in Iraq? How's the Lebanon peace thing working out? What about the hysterical passenger on the flight from London to NY? Not one word on Countdown.")

I'd ask the question slightly differently: Doesn't MSNBC understand the Keith Olbermann brand? Doesn't MSNBC respect the Keith Olbermann audience? The network used to have a show that specialized in white women in peril. They noticed that Keith was a bright spot in their ratings and they reconfigured their lineup.

The whole world is upside down. Keith is covering Jon Benet Ramsey and Joe Scarborough is asking "Is Bush an Idiot?" He can't bring himself to say no.)

Dave Winer says that to repent, Olbermann should name himself Worst. Person. In the Woooorrrrrld

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RisingSunofNihon said...

I agree. Although I personally find the JonBenet stuff rather interesting as the police/FBI almost never solve cold cases, I don't think this story should take up three-quarters of an entire newscast, whether on MSNBC or any other channel.