Friday, August 11, 2006

CNN: Lamont is the Al Qaeda candidate?

From Think Progress, a clip showing CNN anchor Chuck Roberts posing this question to a guest: "... might some argue, as some have, that Lamont is the al Qaeda candidate?"

Here's what I would argue:
  1. Bush and the Republican party of fear have demonstrably benefited from Al Qaeda--including a 2004 pre-election tape from Osama himself that helped tip a tight election to Bush.
  2. It was Bush who diverted U.S. military resources away from hunting down Osama to pursue the fiasco in Iraq, which not only allowed Osama to continue, but also created a new haven and training ground for Al Qaeda in Iraq.
  3. It was British police work, not Bush military interventions that foiled the most recent plot.
  4. Chuck Roberts and CNN are strong candidates for positioning themselves as the second-string Carl Rove media outlet, behind Fox News.
  5. Roberts, and CNN owe Lamont, the Connecticut Democrats who nominated him, and the country an abject apology.
It is beyond arguing that this was an outrageous unsubstantiated echo of talking points that come straight from the Republican ministry of propaganda.

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