Saturday, August 12, 2006

M.J. Rosenberg: Dems must exploit Bush failure to prepare for liquid bombs

On TPM Cafe, MJ Rosenberg looks at the latest terror plot through a domestic political lens. The Dems need to remind the public that Bush has been asleep at the switch on protecting the homeland from terror. This is not only the right opportunity to do so, it may be the last. Do it or lose.

I agree. It's time to take control of the dialog. Prominent Democrats need begin calling the Bush administration to account for being as incompetent on terror as they've been on Iraq, Katrina, etc.

Otherwise, we're mired in a world in which, as Steve Young says, "everything that happens proves that Democrats are soft on terrorism."

Sign of encouragement: The official response to Bush's weekly radio address. Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor laid out the indictment:
"Our ports, borders and chemical plants remain unsecured, the person responsible for the 9/11 attacks - Osama bin Laden - is still on the loose, and North Korea and Iran continue to pursue their nuclear ambitions.

"We need a new direction. It's time for Washington to be tough AND smart about the threats we face. Americans deserve real security, not just leaders who talk tough but fail to deliver....

Our troops have performed heroically in Iraq, but the Administration's poor management has created a rallying cry for international terrorists. The poor management of the war has diverted our focus, our military and more than $300 billion from the war on terrorism. Our troops and people deserve better.
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