Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cheney's New Job Desciption: Pitcher of Warm Piss*

We'll get some glimpses of the backstage saga of Rummy's canning in the weeklies, with a detailed story in books that are published six months to a year from now. But we're already hearing that Cheney opposed it and yet it happened anyway.

How is that possible? Pick one:
  1. W. stood up to his shadow-president and took the reins of government.
  2. The real shadow government (Bush Sr? Wall Street? Scowcroft? Consigliere Baker?) stepped in and said enough is enough.
I favor 2. (see Maureen Dowd, which you can today because Times Select is free this week).

Mickeleh's Take: Either way, the Cheney-Rumsfeld axis of evil is smashed. I'm not going all Mission Accomplished here, but surely the world is be better off with Cheney demoted from shadow president to vice president. which, as John Nance Garner famously said,"isn't worth a pitehcr of warm piss." The thrall is gone. No guarantees that we'll find a good way out of this mess, but at least we've voided the guarantee that we won't.

*Update (1:58 PM) I had originally listed this as "bucket of warm spit." But I learned in woids comment that spit was but a euphemism. A little more Googling finds a split between "bucket" and "pitcher."

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woid said...

I first heard about the Garner "bucket of warm spit" line when I was a kid.

As an "adult," I've always wondered if spit was actually the bucketful he had in mind.

Just recently, I encountered another mention of the line, where, I can't remember, by whom, I cant remember. Whoever it was said that "spit" was indeed a euphemism for a stronger word that Garner actually used.

What was it? The Google knows...

The Google led me to the Wiki, which says the actual quote was "a bucket of warm piss." And we all know how reliable Wikipedia is.

Further research is urgently needed on this vitally important matter.

woid said...

Update: It was a samovar of iced phlegm.

Mickeleh said...

woid, you got one revision out of me. I draw the line here.

Anonymous said...

Reins, Michael. Reins of power. Reign is what we have now; reins are what you pull on an out-of-control ass.