Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Won Keith; Elsewhere the Snow Job Prevails

Dave Winer quotes Keith Olbermann's best quip last night about Kerry's botched joke on the White House:
"Kerry called them stupid and they were too stupid to know he called them stupid."
Sorry, but if we believe that, then we're too stupid to know that they knew he wasn't talking about the troops.

The Bush communications strategy has long been to make up false Democratic positions and then ridicule them. They make 'em up out of whole cloth: The Democrats oppose interrogating terrorists. Their strategy is to wait until we're attacked again. They'll raise your taxes across the board.

How much more so when Kerry hands them the material. The Bush communications team is venal, not stupid. They just assume we're stupid. And the media is stupid. Which it apparently is.

Mickeleh's Take: I love that Kerry promptly hit back with force and speed. But if you want to know who won this round, consider that Bush will speak every day until election day, and Kerry has canceled upcoming appearances. Looking to 2008, Kerry won himself points for hitting back fast, lost as many for once again getting his lines wrong in the first place. He needs to stick to gravitas and leave levity to the pros.

Dave Winer points out the upside to this flap: "Every time [Bush] opens his mouth and gets on TV that keeps the focus on Iraq, and the basic weakness of the Republicans..."

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Anonymous said...

It looks to me like it is the liberals who were trying to hide until after the election. Until Kerry spoke no major democrat had in weeks. Judging by the political ads I am seeing its democrats who are claiming to be conservatives to get elected.

Mickeleh said...

Not sure what you base that on. Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Wes Clark, Mark Warner have all been actiely campaigning.

True, there are a lot of centrist candidates running on the Democratic ticket in various regions.

This campaign is not primarily about left versus right. It's about Iraq, Bush, Corruption, Incompetence, and the need to replace a rubber stamp congress with one that will provide some oversight.

The Republicans have us on the wrong track in so many areas. It's time for a change.