Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lewis Black's Nightmare Weekend

In his HBO comedy special, Red, White, and Screwed, Lewis Black was furious that the accelerating pace of Bush and GOP screw-ups was getting beyond him. "I don't even have a Ports of Dubai joke and we're on to immigration."

I feel his pain. The big wow finish to the Republican campaign to retain the House and Senate is spewing out more death, dishonor, and GOP dismay than anyone can track. Although Hotline makes a valiant effort.
  • Iraq is a bloodbath and Cheney is still cheerleading for the Bush Strategy.
  • The military press is united in calling for Rumsfeld's resignation (Has that ever happened?)
  • GOP Bush's pastor faces some big allegations and some minor admissions.
  • They're trying to spin the nuke cookbook on the Web fiasco
  • Three thumb drives with codes for defeating the locks on our Nukes got loose from Los Alamos
  • Bush can only speak in public in parts of Texas and Georgia
  • Baghdad is locked down for the announcement of the Hussein verdict. (And an American soldier is in enemy hands.)
  • The latest wave of polling shows a good chance of a Democratic sweep of both houses.
  • Newsweek says the Repubs are Looking for a Lifeboat
  • Washington Post says Repubs are desperate to hold the Senate
  • Dave Johnson says even the Kerry kerfuffle helped the dems
And what's left for the Republicans to couner all this? Looks like there still are a few doses of fear in the dispensary. Fox News has scheduled a "fear-mongering" marathon.

Mickeleh's Take: It's not in the bag. If you have any time to spare between now and the polls closing, spend it with the phone bank. It's a work-at-home get-out-the-vote program that targets the tight races with good lists. Give em a few hours. Please.

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