Monday, November 06, 2006

Guest Blogger, HildaB

Back in the 04 primary race, I found myself on the email list of HildaB. She regularly mailed to a large list from her AOL account.

In April of 04 the emails stopped. But I got a new one this afternoon. Hilda has given me permission to post it here. (The opening a close are for all of us. The middle part is for New York voters)
11/7 - VOTE as though your future depends upon it - 'cause it does!

Tomorrow, at long last - or too soon? - is election day. There's this optimism that the Democrats are going to take enough seats in the House and, possibly, the Senate to become a majority. The following is my message and I approve it.

HildaB erstwhile Plat du Jour.

Tomorrow's outcome depends upon you - your single vote does count as does those of your family, friends, neighbors and business associates; that's how votes adds up. A huge Democratic turnout is the skeleton key to Democratic success and we need you to turn it in the right direction.

Our complacency is the friend of the Republicans and they're not taking their voters for granted.
The following are some Democratic challengers to Republican incumbents in our State.

BKLYN/STATEN ISLAND: 13TH CD: The House Republican conservative incumbent is Vito Fossella; always in lockstep with Bush on issues ranging from Iraq to the privatization of Social Security. Mr. Fossella has been exposed by the NYDaily News and the SI Advance for his corruption and affiliation with Jack Abramoff. Stephen Harrison is our Democratic challenger. Steve is smart, knowledgeable, politically active and progressive. From the get-go, Steve has been against Bush's invasion of Iraq.

: Another conservative Republican, Sue Kelly is being challenged by JOHN Hall. John is a progressive Democrat and another who has opposed the Iraq invasion from the beginning.

: House conservative Republican John Sweeney is being challenged by Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand. Smart, savvy and has been involved in our Party for quite some time. She'll make a great House Rep. and, I believe, the only (non-incumbent) woman running in New York.

: Incumbent Sherwood Boehlert is retiring and we have a great Democrat running, former DA Michael Arcurri.

First term and, yet again, conservative Republican Randy Kuhl is being challenged by Eric Massa. Eric is a Vietnam Veteran and has been extremely active within our Party. As with all the above mentioned challengers, Eric is a strong Democratic candidate based on his activism, progressive philosophy and wartime experience (at least he doesn't have to don a costume).

Each one of these Democratic challengers can win. But, truth be told, not without your help. Sadly, especially during mid-term elections, turnout is very low, in New York and nationally. Another truth, unless we take control of the House, we will not recover from the harm created by Bush and his in-lock-step Congress. There will be another push to privatize Social Security, there will be more families losing every thing because of medical needs with recourse to a fairbankruptcy law. And more and even worse will contaminate our future. If anyone thinks that our huge deficit can't get worse; picture this - China calls in its U.S. Treasury Bonds!!!

I am sending this message to my very, very large 'e' address book. I can only hope that I make even a little impact in contributing to a really big Democratic turnout. Actually, there is a good possibility that independents and Republicans will vote for a change. I know that politically, I'm taking to the 'congregation', but each of you are, individually and collectively, so important that I had to get this message out - and I still approve and hope that you do too.


Mickeleh's Take: Hilda is right. Our future does depend on voting tomorrow.

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