Monday, November 06, 2006

Kos weighs in with predictions

The weekend talk shows were dominated by the bloviators offering predictins for the outcome. Solid consensus the Dems take the House. Splits on the Senate. This morning Kos weighs in with his calls. Cautiously optimistic on a two-house sweep. Hugely confident of a wave in the house.

Bog Geiger has a race-by-race rundown that predicts Democrats will gain the six seats they need to take the Senate.

Mickeleh's Take: What do I know? Whatever happens is just the prelude to some very ugly battles ahead. The White House will not quietly cave on anything. The Wurlitzer is ready to keep up a heavy barrage against the Dems. And, there's a dust-up a-brewin' inside the Democratic party between the centrist Rahm Emanuel wing and what Dean used to call the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. Whether Dems win or lose there will be ongoing battle for the soul of the party. No rest for the committed.

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