Sunday, November 26, 2006

Much Ado About Pelosi's Forehead

Is the press focusing too much on whether Nancy Pelosi's forehead has been chemically immobilized? Is there a double standard that forces women to hold back time while men can remain both sexy and powerful as they age naturally? And if there is such a double-standard, is it strictly a guy thing or are women complicit in perpetuating it.

Melinda Henneberg on Huffington Post picks up on a recent Maureen Dowd column that reports Ted Olson (whose Clinton-bashing wife was spared futher aging by dying in a hijacked plane on 9/11) was making jokes about the state of the faces of Speaker-elect Pelosi and Senator Clinton.
The new Congress could amuse itself, he said, by “searching for any sign of movement in Speaker Pelosi's forehead.” The Senate, he added, would be entertained by “the expressionless, Pelosi-like forehead of Sen. Clinton.”
Henneberg calls Dowd on playing the same sexist card. Later in the same column, Dowd says Pelosi throws like a girl.

Mickeleh's Take: It ain't just women who are dinged on superficial appearance and vanity issues. Try these Google searches: Kerry Botox, Giuliani comb-over, John Edwards hair, Al Gore wardrobe.

An Even Better Take: Liberal Comment points out why we should be thankful that they're going after the Botox. They can't attack Pelosi on the issues because the public backs her on the issues. (We won and they lost, remember.) All they have left are the superficial smears.

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Anonymous said...

While you're at it, you might try these searches, too:

George Bush dress-up, George Bush codpiece.