Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Greg Palast: How They Stole the Election

Sobering view from Greg Palast of three vote stealing tactics that tilt the election to the Republicans and give them a 4.5 million vote advantage before the first ballot is counted
  1. Denied Registrations. This happened to my sister on her first attempt to register this year. She was told there was a mismatch in her SS number and driver's license. But it's especially focused on black and Hispanic voters.
  2. Turned away (the ID game). New this year thanks to a new federal law and squads of trained GOP poll watchers focused, again, on black and Hispanic precincts. Do the Dems have enough poll-watchers to watch the Republican poll-watchers?
  3. Spoiled Votes. Ballots improperly marked or ballots from machines that don't record votes simply aren't counted. Sounds like an equal opportunity issue, but, once again, it's historically more likely in black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Says Greg, "Funny, but paper ballots with in-precinct scanners don't go rotten on Black voters. Maybe that's why Republican Secretaries of State have installed so few of them."
Greg's Take:
It's true you can't win with 51% of the vote anymore. So just get over it. The regime's sneak attack via vote suppression will only net them 4.5 million votes, about 5% of the total. You should be able to beat that blindfolded. If you can't get 55%, then you're just a bunch of crybaby pussycats who don't deserve to win back America.
Mickeleh's Take: Vote and get others to vote. No more blogging for me today. That's what I'm off to do.

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