Monday, November 20, 2006

Fake News Channel Preps Fake News "comedy"

Here's the key market insight that Roger Ailes (not the good one), used to build the Fox News Channel: there's a right-wing audience for a "news" presentation that confirms their world-view, one that's slanted even more to the right than CNN.

He's now applying that insight to comedy: there's an audience unserved by the fake news and truthy comedy stylings of Stewart and Colbert.

And where does he turn for talent to meet the comic yearnings of the Fox News audience? Yes, to the producers of Laura Ingraham's favorite pop torturer, Jack Bauer. The Hollywood Reporter says Joel Surnow and Manny Coto of 24, originally pitched the show to Fox (If I Did It) Broadcasting, who passed.

The still-untitled show is created by Ned Rice, whose writing credits include Politically Incorrect and Late Late Show with Craig Fergusen.

Mickeleh's Take: Fox News demos are old (and fading). A hep new comedy is just what they need, you know, for kids!

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