Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Kerry Takes off His Leader Costume

For Halloween, Kerry dressed up as a strong leader and spoke with strength. Today, he took off the costume, put on his flip-flops and apologized. He's back to his accustomed role of being out-spun and out-maneuvered by Bush and the fair-weather democrats.

Mickeleh's Take: Ford and McCaskill, if you win--and I hope you do--please show more spine in the Senate than you did in piling on Kerry. Hilary, I noticed and will remember the cheap shot you threw at Kerry.
Deep breath. Pep-talk time again: The upside of this incident is that it keeps Iraq in the spotlight. The other upside is that we learn early that for all his smarts and virtues, Kerry is not the guy I want carrying our banner in 2008. He might have been yesterday. But not today. Halloween is over.

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